Grand Theft: Crime Solver's Detective Agency book two

Written by:
Victoria Schwimley
Narrated by:
Grace Sin

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2015
1 hour 54 minutes
Ever since starting her own detective agency, Karrine has wanted that REALLY BIG CASE... and now her chance is here. When her neighbor's car is stolen right out of her garage, Karrine is eager to investigate. The only problem is her mother won't let her work the case. To handle this problem, she'll take on a new partner. Meanwhile, in Sacramento, Jayden is solving mysteries of her own. And when her teacher's test booklet is stolen right out of her desk, Jayden sets out to solve the crime, or else her teacher will give an even harder test...AND IT'S IN MATH! Come join these quirky girls for much fun, great laughs, and a lot of crime solving.
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