Grave Secret

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2009
9 hours 57 minutes
New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris pens darkly inventive paranormal tales, including the immensely popular Sookie Stackhouse novels.
With Grave Secret, Harris returns to her beloved Harper Connelly series to deliver a thrilling mystery.
Ever since Harper was struck by lightning, she’s been able to see and hear the last memories of the dead. Going on the road with her stepbrother Tolliver, she uses this unwanted gift to solve crimes and bring clients closure. Now, besides handling a budding romance with Tolliver, Harper is on the trail of a particularly gruesome killer in rural Texas, and she must act quickly before more lives are lost.
A tale of dark desires and even darker intentions, Harris’ fourth book in the series shows why she’s become a household name in fiction.
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Glenice N.

I found this book to drag on. I really did not care for it

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Racquel E.

The reader was wonderful but the book less so.

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Lia Suzanne W.

Still iffy on the girl marrying her unrelated stepbrother, but loved the book overall. The narrator does a fine job of keeping the characters well defined.

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I didn't see that coming!

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Linda S.

I usually love her books, however this one ended abruptly, everything was soled at once and everyone admitted it all conveniently. it was as if she became tired of writing this story and wanted to end it so she wrapped it up in a nice tidy bow in a half of a chapter. After listening and involved in the book and characters, the short cut ending felt like a let down. Anyway save your time if you got something better. The narrator reads too slow.

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Sandra M.

Great series, I’ll miss it

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Tammy Berrie

This book drug on a bit, but following 'An Ice Cold Grave' would have been a hard task in itself. My least favorite of the series, but by this time, you're probably pretty vested in Harper, etc. so you MUST finish it up and find out what happened to Cameron! :O

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Misty H.

Another great book. I hate the series ended though. Another 5 star rating for the book and the narrator

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craig s

I really liked this book. Got really intense and kept me guessing. Great plot. As always I enjoyed the narrator. She did a fantastic job.

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