Green Business Practices for Dummies

Written by:
Lisa Swallow
Narrated by:
Brett Barry

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2009
3 hours 53 minutes
Green Business Practices For Dummies provides readers with the information they need to reduce the environmental impact of the business with out reducing their bottom line. The practical and expert advice and tips presented in this title benefits business owners at all levels, from large corporations to small, family-run stores.

The only resource with specific hands-on guidance for greening your business

Want to take advantage of profit-enhancing opportunities while minimizing negative environmental and social impact? This practical guide shows you how to implement green business practices and gain competitive advantage through reduced costs, product and process innovation, increased productivity, and more. You'll cultivate an eco-minded workforce and manage environmental opportunities and threats at every level of your organization.
- Develop your sustainability plan—establish your goals, choose key performance indicators, and share your plan with stakeholders
- Embark on your green journey—get started by altering daily office practices, re-evaluating products and processes, and adapting your physical facilities
- Get internal and external stakeholders involved—stimulate buy-in from employees, develop community relationships, and collaborate with nonprofits
- Assess and measure your progress—identify greening standards to meet, accumulate data, and design and distribute a sustainability report to inform stakeholders of your progress
- Learn by example—discover how numerous green corporate visionaries met their sustainable business goals
- Reap the benefits of going green—improve employee morale, increase stakeholder engagement, stand out in the marketplace, and reduce your eco-footprint

Open the book and find:

- Explanations about why sustainability is a profitable business model
- Common frameworks that guide most sustainability efforts
- Ways to create an eco-conscious work environment
- Guidance on working with regulatory pressures and policymakers
- Ways to link community support with your corporate message
- Success stories of green businesses, small and large
- Checklists, frameworks, and action items to transform your organization
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