Green River, Running Red: The Real Story of the Green River Killer--Americas Deadliest Serial Murderer

Written by:
Ann Rule
Narrated by:
Michele Pawk

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2004
5 hours 36 minutes
In this provocative and eye-opening classic of investigative journalism, the #1 New York Times bestselling author and “America’s best true-crime writer” (Kirkus Reviews), Ann Rule, explores the nearly twenty-year long search for America’s most prolific and horrifying serial killer.

In 1982, the body of Wendy Coffield is discovered floating near the sandy shore of Washington’s Green River. Authorities have no idea that this tragic and violent death is only the beginning of a string of murders that will rock and terrify the Seattle area for two decades.

With her signature riveting prose and in-depth research, Ann Rule takes us behind the scenes of the search for the Green River Killer, a terrifying specter who ritualistically killed young women and eluded authorities for years. From seeking the help of incarcerated serial killer Ted Bundy to Ann Rule’s horrifying realization that the killer she was writing about had attended her book signings, Green River, Running Red is the suspenseful and unforgettable “definitive narrative of the brutal and senseless crimes that haunted the Seattle area for decades” (Publishers Weekly).
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This is an excellant read! The narrater does a great job as well. It is hard to believe that this actually occured. Do not hesitate to rent this.

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This book pulls you in immediately and keeps you engaged through to the end. I caught myself responding outloud to some of the details I was hearing. It covers the stories of the murderer and each victim to the point you feel you are almost there. I could not wait to get in my car to hear the next pages.

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This book was true crime and in places had gruesome details. Very good though!

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Very good. A gripping but concise and touching telling of the lives of the many young victims and the unexplainable creation of a notorious serial killer. Well written and movingly read.

Fascinating, well written book. You really feel like you are a part of the investigation.

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Lee Werley

I really enjoyed this one. Hard to imagine just how these people think, Ann really helped.The way she wove everything together made it unfold as it happening.

Excellent book. The first true crime book I have listened to. Based on this book, I will be reading more.

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Terri Cramer

For people that enjoy books based on true crime I thought it was an excellent book and would highly recommend.

An easy listen and very informative. A very concise summary of events covering more than 20-years. Highly recommend.

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Living in the pacific northwest has brought this story close to home. I remember the fragmented and often untrue articles in the newspaper. It was a pleasure to finally get the whole truth about a horrible monster. I have read several of Ann Rule's books and find them all great.

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Margie B

Very informative. Interesting back stories of the victims.

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Stephanie M

The book was great... I live in the Pacific NW and moved from Arizona when I was 14 back in 1981 to Auburn - it was a scary time. I know the area very well (and met Gary) as my mom was his next door neighbor (where he and Judy put on a garage sale every weekend which was aggravating)... the only thing, and I mean insignificant, was the narrator's pronunciation of the cities and regions. Wish someone had coached her a bit, but her voice was solid and detailed. Would be a very tough job to do what Ann does.

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Jackie Vance

Excellent! Never knew the details of what happened but I do now. The narrator was easy to listen to and kept me focused until the end.

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Edward Christensen


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Very good book. Ann Rule does a great job at true crime stories. As I listened it amazed me how long this person got away with killing women. I wondered why no one ever wrote down a tag number.....maybe we are more aware now than years ago.

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I was intrigued by the book, although it wasn't exactly what I'd expected. It seemed more of a documentary edited for television. It left much of the detail to the imagination, which seemed to detract from the empathy readers would otherwise have felt for the victims. On the other hand, I wouldn't have wanted the living family members to have to relive the events in print, so maybe it's as it should be.

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Melissa Maurice

A factual account of how a monster is built, kills and is eventually caught. A tribute to the team of professionals who worked so hard over so many years to stop this serial murderer. Anne Rule introduces us to the many victims, giving them names and indentities - bringing a touch of humanity to the many. You can clearly hear the distress and heartache for the young women who were never identified, classified only as a number. She has told their story with respect and dignity.

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Great book, well researched and organized given the fact that there were so many victims. Definitely worth a listen.

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I love true crime stories but usually choose by topic and not author. I've tried to read a couple of Ann Rule books but usually get tired by halfway through. Green River is the second Ann Rule I've listened to on audio. I LOVED IT!! She's tells a great story and listening to the abridged version on audio is definately the way to go. She gave plenty of details and background to keep me interested. Some people don't like the fact that you already know "who done it" when reading true crime. But I like getting to know more than you read in the news. I can't wait to listen to the rest of Ann Rule's books.

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This is the only book I know of that treats all those dozens of victims as real people. The reader learns about each of the identified teenage girls and young women who were murdered by Gary Ridgeway. The book also includes the impact of Ridgeway's arrest on his unsuspecting wife. Ann Rule's book reveals the lives of the victims, many coming from sad or violent homes or parents who didn't understand the feelings and conflicts of their teenage daughters. Many of the young women victims also had sad life stories and were living in extreme poverty. The victims were not all prostitutes. Too many times they were seen as throwaway people by society and Ridgeway took advantage of that.

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Teresa D.

always a fan of Rule's examinations of killers. this was done so well!

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Alan P.

No mention of Ridgeway until the 40th chapter of the book. No insight or helpful background as to how such a monster could have been created. The author seemed so impressed with her own ability to write it really took away from what could have been the “go-to” reference on the conclusion of this sad story.

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glenice nickel

As always I am not disappointed by Ann Rules writing ability. The book held my attention and interest until the very end. I did not care for the narrator. She miss pronounced he names of the streets in San Diego and her voice was annoying but she did read well and kept a steady rhythm

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