The Grift: The Downward Spiral of Black Republicans from the Party of Lincoln to the Cult of Trump

Written by:
Clay Cane
Narrated by:
Clay Cane

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
10 hours 14 minutes
GRIFTER [grif-ter] noun
1. a con or scam artist, a hustler or a sell-out
After the Civil War, the pillars of Black Republicanism were a balanced critique of both political parties, civil rights for all Americans, reinventing an economy based on exploitation, and, most importantly, building thriving Black communities. How did Black Republicanism devolve from revolutionaries like Frederick Douglass to the puppets in the Trump era?
Whether it’s radical conservatives like South Carolina Senator Tim Scott or Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, they are consistently viral news and continuously uphold egregious laws at the expense of their Black brethren. Part history and part cultural analysis, The Grift chronicles the nuanced history of Black Republicans. Clay Cane lays out how Black Republicanism has been mangled by opportunists who are apologists for racism.
Black faces in high places providing cover for explicit bigotry is one of the greatest threats to the liberation of Black and brown people. By studying these figures and their tactics, Cane exposes the grift and lays out a plan to emancipate our future.
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Jacqueline E.

This is a must read. This books dispels myths, acknowledges the heroes, is not based on feelings and but facts.

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This must read is a timely, historical look at the over conformity of Black politicos who gladly contributed to the effort of upholding White Supremacy ideology, policy, and discourse.

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