The ground of being, and the mind of man: Ojai 1980 - Dialogue 5

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: M-Y Books

Date: November 2015

Duration: 1 hours 12 minutes


The ground of being, and the mind of man - 12 April 1980

- Why has having ideas become so important?
- What is the difference between a religious mind and a philosophic mind?
- What is the human mind's relationship to the 'ground'?
- Why has man accumulated knowledge?
- When you love somebody there is no 'me', it is love. In the same way, when I say I am humanity, it is so. It is not an idea, it is not a conclusion, it is part of me.
- There is only one thing and that is to discover that what I have done is useless, ashes. You see, that doesn't depress one. That is the beauty of it. It is like the Phoenix, born out of ashes.