A Guide to Becoming Successful

Narrated by:
Tony Ackland

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2017
0 hours 25 minutes
Have you lately wondered what you have achieved in the last year or even in your life? Do you feel like a lost ship that doesn't know where it is going or why is it moving at all? Does it feel like you are living your life without any goals in sight?

If yes, you probably need to focus on setting goals. Having a goal in life gives you focus and direction. It gives you control over where your life is heading. It also provides a benchmark to determine your success in specific areas of your life.

Goal setting is important for achieving success, and it doesn't matter which area of your life you want to succeed in. If you want to succeed in the work arena, you need to have goals to achieve. If you need success in the relationships arena, you need to set goals there too. Whether it is your health, relationships, career, or anything, for success you need to set goals.

Your goals could be for the day, such as, I will complete a chapter of my book today.  Or it could be for a month, such as, I will showcase my products to five clients by the end of this month.  Or it could be for a year, such as, I will spend a hundred hours this year helping the needy.  It could also be for your life, such as, I want a house of my own. 

In other words, your goals are the dreams you have for yourself, your life, your family, or for your career. But a simple I want  will not work. It is not going to happen by saying I want  and just sitting on the couch watching TV.

Your I want  statements could get you started on what goals you would like to achieve. But that's only the first step in goal setting. So, how can you set goals and achieve success? What are the steps involved in setting and achieving your goals?

Listen to this guide and find out.
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