A Guide to the Dark

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
7 hours 22 minutes
Something is building, simmering just out of reach.
THE ROOM IS WATCHING. But Mira and Layla don’t know this yet. When they are stranded on their College Tour Spring Break Best Friend Road Trip, they find themselves at the Wildwood Motel, located in the Middle of Nowhere, Indiana.
Mira can’t shake the feeling that there is something wrong and rotten about their room. Inside, she’s haunted by nightmares of her dead brother. When she wakes up, he’s still there.
Layla doesn’t see him. Or notice anything suspicious about Room 9. The place may be a little run-down, but it has a certain charm she can’t wait to capture on camera. If Layla is being honest, she’s too preoccupied with her confusing feelings for Mira to see much else.
But when they learn eight people died in that same room, they realize there must be a connection between the deaths and the unexplainable things that keep happening inside it. They just have to figure it out before Mira becomes the ninth.
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