The Gunpowder Girl

Written by:
Tania Crosse
Narrated by:
Emma Powell

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2021
11 hours 36 minutes
A compelling saga of love, loss and self-discovery set on Wild Dartmoor.
Dartmoor, 1875. Rose Maddiford, beautiful, vivacious and intelligent, could have her pick of men across Dartmoor. But she is in no hurry to marry unless it is for true love — and certainly not while she can help her father manage the Cherrybrook Gunpowder Mills. Then tragedy strikes. Rose's father is injured by an explosion at the mill and the family is left teetering on the edge of poverty. Rose is left with just two options: accept arrogant, controlling Charles Chadwicks's proposal and move to London or let her family perish. Rose must choose duty over love. As Rose dives into her new life, she turns her attention to the plight of prisoners held in Dartmoor Prison and discovers new passion and new injustice as she forges a friendship with a wrongly convicted man. Can Rose find justice? As the situation builds to a heart-rending climax, Rose soon discovers what terrible acts jealousy can spur.
The Gunpowder Girl brings together Cherrybrook Rose and A Bouquet of Thorns for the first time, revealing Rose's full story just as the author intended.
TANIA CROSSE weaves blissfully human stories with impeccable research, giving her characters all the complexity and colour of real life. Fans of Nadine Dorries, Rosie Goodwin, Dilly Court, Freda Lightfoot and Catherine Cookson will adore this emotional and inspiring family saga.
Tania Crosse is the winner of the Best Romantic Saga in the 60th annual RoNA Awards.
“This absorbing historical with its strong themes of romance and feminist equality.” Booklist
“Another gripping and heartbreaking tale . . . well-drawn characters, intelligent and fast-paced plotting..” Historical Novels Review
Originally published as Cherrybrook Rose and A Bouquet of Thorns.
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