Half My Life: How Jesus Conquored My Soul

Half My Life: How Jesus Conquored My Soul

Written by:
Thomas Murosky
Narrated by:
Thomas Murosky
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
6 hours 27 minutes
How can I introduce my life without tipping my hand to enough detail that you will not need to the rest of this book? I am thinking this as I write the Introduction: Take Two. I wrote so much, and that which I wrote, I absolutely loved, but it was too much, it tipped my hand, it was a spoiler of the story to come. So I hit the delete key to write a simple message instead.

Within the pages of this book I will tell you my story. It’s a story of a latch-key kid born out of time; a boy who lived a latch-key life before that term was coined by social scientists concerned about all these kids coming home from school to an empty house. I am here to say that their fears are justified. Indeed, I agree that idle time is the Devil’s plaything, and my life shows how unsupervised children can become rotten to the core. I reject that we are blank slates waiting for moral input. If I was unsure of that as a child, I am convinced of it now, as I look back!

I do not mean to suggest that growing up with supervision will prevent us from being sinners, nor that every unsupervised child will grow up as I did, but rather, I want to show you the impact untempered sin has in a young boy’s life. I want to show you that growing up without God leads to a life of sin. I want to show you that sin begets sin. I want you to learn that following God is truly the most important thing you can do!
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