A Handbook for Migrants: The Good, The Challenges and The Lessons

A Handbook for Migrants: The Good, The Challenges and The Lessons

Written by:
Ephraim Osaghae
Narrated by:
Radostin Radev
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2022
4 hours 20 minutes
A Reflective Guide for Meaningful and Whole-Life Experience

Immigrants are important contributors to the success and growth of many countries. But they face challenges before they can fully attain social and economic balance. Each immigrant needs all the help that he or she can get. This book provides that, and much more. It's presented from an immigrant’s point of view, and with anecdotes from someone that has walked the path — someone who is keen to share lessons learned so that it will be more comfortable and more rewarding for others.

In this book, you will find stories and useful information about the following:

• The benefits of immigration to emigrants, nations and the wider community.

• Connecting with the heart, hope and faith behind the giant leap of emigration.

• Learning to thrive and communicate effectively despite initial culture shocks and gaps in languages.

• Managing potential loss of previous qualifications and reinventing for new education and skills for competitive edge.

• Practical steps in finding employment even with the uncertainties associated with having the right local network and work experience.

• The challenges and lessons regarding family life including raising children and youth.

• The essential aspects and preparation for ageing and retirement including the vital roles of ethnic communities and leadership.

You will find great value from reading this book if you are:

• An intending, new or emerging immigrant looking for wisdom, tips and inspiration.

• A more resident immigrant looking for further guidance on how to become more established while managing changes.

• Non-immigrants, students, governments, policymakers, service providers and community leaders. We all can add to our cultural intelligence.
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