Hard Truth

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: Nevada Barr

Narrated By: Joyce Bean

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: December 2006

Duration: 6 hours 28 minutes


Just three days after her wedding to Sheriff Paul Davidson, Anna Pigeon moves from Mississippi to Colorado to assume her new post as district ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park, where three girls have disappeared during a religious retreat. Two of the children reappear a month later, clad only in filthy underwear and claiming to remember nothing of the intervening weeks. The girls are frightened and traumatized, but they forge a bond with the pair of campers who discover them - a wheelchair-bound paraplegic and her elderly aunt. With the reappearance of the children comes an odd and unsettling presence in the park, a sense of disembodied evil and unspeakable terrors: small animals are mercilessly slaughtered, and a sinister force seems to still control the girls. As Anna investigates, she finds herself caught up in the machinations of a paranoid religious sect bent on protecting their secrets and keeping the girls sequestered from law enforcement and psychiatric help. Following the trail of the many suspects, especially that of the cult's intense youth-group leader, Anna comes to find the force against which the children's minds have been broken. This evil has the eyes of a visionary and the soul of the devil. Anna will discover the truth - even if it kills her.


  • Anonymous

    I didn't even make it through the first CD. The characters seemed very contrived and the plot was not engaging.

  • Jean

    This was my first Anna Pigeon book. I enjoyed it. The Park Ranger information was most interesting. The book was fast paced: the book was abr. so may be it was a bit too short for me. I would recommend this story to anyone wanting a quick interesting story.

  • Shane Nixon

    REALLY GOOD! I had not read the Anna Pigeon line before, and I liked this one. Loved the plot, loved the characters. I saw from other reviewers that this one was "to graphic" and "violent", I didn't experience that and in fact was a little disappointed in that detail, but not to a point of discontent. I cannot wait to read the next one, and hope there are many more Anna Pigeon stories to come. One other thing, narrator was better than average here, though for the characters involved, I think a man reading it might have been better. I know with the main character being female that sounds crazy, but I just think it would have for some reason. Again, this lady was fine, I enjoyed her reading! GOOD READ!

  • Annie Ludwig

    A great Anna Pigeon story, as always!!! I always enjoy this series

  • Diane Pagel

    Alway enjoy listening to Nevada Barr books while driving to work. Would recommend

  • Anonymous

    I was SO disappointed in this book. The story line was so choppy that I thought I was listening to an abridged version of the book instead of Unabridged - although honestly, if more content meant more of the gory details about victimizing, torturing and raping women that were pervasive throughout the book - NO THANK YOU! Nevada Barr, what happened here? Where is the funny, loving interactions between Anna and her sister, Molly? Or mentions of her dog and cat left at home? So much of the Anna Pigeon character we know and love (flaws and all) were missing. I hope she's back in Barr's next book...

  • Annette Kordgien

    i have been listening/reading the Anna Prigeon series for some time. Love the suspence...the twists and turns. Keeps you guessing.

  • Kc

    Strong women open this story-not particularly young nor gorgeous nor glamorous women-just strong and smart and very real. The story draws us in through their wit, their musings on the meaning of life, God and nature. The setting is the incomparable Rocky Mountain National Park, lovingly painted in words. That's why it was so disconcerting to find the book's last third devoted to an excruciatingly detailed account of torture, rape and other horrific attacks on the women and the girls they’re trying to save. A truly evil psychotic serial killer takes over the story. He’s eventually captured, but Barr simply wallows in the gory details of the victimization of the women and girls. I could not listen to most of it. The ending is quite unbelievable: Anna survives nearly two days of torture and then finds herself squinting peacefully into the sun a few hours later, musing about life. Ridiculous. Anna's strength instantly becomes a caricature of itself-unreal and ultimately unsatisfying.

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by Nevada Barr

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