Harder Than I Thought: Adventures of a 21st Century CEO

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Gildan Media

Date: December 2012

Duration: 9 hours 24 minutes


Meet Jim Barton-new CEO of Santa Monica Aerospace. Jim's job won't be easy: the company's hemorrhaging cash, struggling to regain investors' trust after an accounting scandal, and striving to transform its military and manufacturing culture to become a global aerospace integrator. Jim isn't real; Harder Than I Thought is a novel. But his story-developed in consultation with seasoned, flesh-and-blood CEOs-contains crucial lessons for all chief executives. Walk in Jim's shoes, and engage in challenges including: Formulating and executing strategy Cultivating a management team capable of outlier performance Working with a multi-generational board Managing financial and labor crises Fostering a culture of innovation and continuous transformation Forging global partnerships Making ethical choices in an increasingly transparent environment As events in each chapter push Barton to the edge of his abilities, he seeks council from a panel of expert advisors. These collaborative reflections invite you to apply the lessons to your own situation. Experts agree that many 20th century leadership practices are inadequate to the stormy 21st century present. This engaging and provocative audio book equips you with the insights you'll need to rise with the occasion of a rapidly shifting business landscape.