The Hardness Factor: How to Achieve Your Best Health and Sexual Fitness at Any Age

Written by:
Steven Lamm
Narrated by:
Steven Lamm

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2005
3 hours 32 minutes
A diet, exercise, and supplement regimen to help men achieve optimal sexual fitness

Sexual fitness goes hand in hand with overall health: Good sex means a man is most probably in good condition. The Hardness Factor is a comprehensive guide to sexual fitness for men, pointing the way to an enhanced self image, better sex, and improved health, and detailing how to increase sex drive and develop a measurably harder erection in just four days. The advent of Viagra and its competitors is a sign that we are entering a new era of male sexual health, in which erectile problems are glitches to be overcome, not sources of shame and anxiety. This is the first major trade book to identify and describe how to achieve and preserve optimal penile hardness—and to show why the actual degree of hardness is the all-important barometer of a man’s overall health.

Drawing on the cutting-edge research that he has carried out over the past several years with his Digital Inflection Rigidometer, New York clinician and researcher Dr. Steven Lamm explains his revolutionary approach to achieving and maintaining maximal male sexual performance, with easy-to-follow suggestions that translate to not only better sex, but greater emotional intimacy and a longer and more fulfilling life. Dr. Lamm gives men all the tools and information they need to take control of their bodies, including health quizzes and a simple at-home test to assess one’s hardness.
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Just wanted to say this is a great book for men. I am very glad I listened to it because I haven't had an issue with hardness yet. But I am 48 so I thought I might learn something. I certainly did and it's clear that a healthy heart leads better I look at it as a way to improve my overall health and enjoy it at the same time!

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If your looking for a book to sort through all the data on sexual fitness, this ain't it. Aside from a few tid-bits on available supplements nothing new came out of it. If you can corrolate physical fitness and well being with sexual fitness, then you have captured 90% of the book

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