Haunted Kids: True Ghost Stories

Written by:
Allan Zullo
Narrated by:
John Ratzenberger

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2008
2 hours 24 minutes
Many kids claim to have seen ghosts in all sorts of places—cemeteries, bedrooms, attics, schools, roadways, forests, caves. Often, experts were called in to investigate these apparent hauntings, and most of the time these so-called experts walked away baffled. The only thing that everyone could agree on was that something very weird had happened, something that could never be fully explained.

This first book in Allan Zullo’s popular Haunted Kids series is a collection of 11 creepy tales inspired by real-life cases taken from the files of noted ghost hunters. Do ghosts really exist? Well, you’ll have to decide that for yourself after listening to:

The Devil’s Garden
Grave Consequences
The Headless Trainman
The Secret of Room 333
The Home Wrecker
The Ghost of Slow Sam
The Baby-Sitting Ghost
The Scaredy Cats
The Thing in the Attic
The Warning
The Glowing Ball of Death

So, Turn Out the Lights, Turn up the Volume, and Turn Loose the Terror!
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