Have You Seen My Country Lately?

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Jerry Doyle

Narrated By: Jerry Doyle

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: December 2009

Duration: 8 hours 4 minutes


In keeping with his no-holds-barred on-air style, conservative radio talk show host Jerry Doyle has the guts to ask the tough questions. Why is our financial system failing, and what can we do about it? If President Barack Obama purports to mirror JFK, how come his policies are virtually the opposite of Kennedy's? Why are we teaching our children to strive for mediocrity with organized sports and games in which no one is allowed to win or lose? Will American capitalism survive Obama? (The verdict on that one is already in: It has not.)

Have you seen my country lately?

Jerry Doyle is sound, simple, funny, and direct as he delivers his hard-hitting take on the important issues affecting our country -- some straight from today's headlines, some that haven't yet seen the light of day -- and urges all Americans to take back the things that make our country great. In this informative, entertaining, and challenging narrative, he sounds off on:
# ECONOMIC FASCISM -- the government's rapid domination of the economy, beginning with the egregious takedown of GM
# POLICY POLICE -- light up to save the country, or, the self-righteous nationwide war on smoking vs. our financial reliance on the tobacco industry
# BAILOUTS -- from Fannie and Freddie to AIG: the missteps, the wrong moves, and the rules of salary caps, bank buy-ins, and bonuses that changed from day to day
# NANCY PELOSI -- and other creatures of the political swamp whose lies and illogic on the war were ignored or unquestioned by the Left
# CONGRESSIONAL SLEAZEBAGS -- The Ethics Committee's use of alleged indiscretions -- sexual and otherwise -- of Republican representatives to destroy their careers while disregarding the same violations by Democrats
# EDUCATION -- the unnatural obsession with children's rights and self-esteem at the expense of education and how it's destroying the teaching profession and fostering an obnoxious self-entitlement trend
# MEDIA SENSATIONALISM -- the reaction to Michael Jackson's death and the war between Perez Hilton and Carrie Prejean, and what they reveal about the media, morals, instant celebrity, and our sanity
# PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA -- Apart from his easy swagger and histrionic appeal to emotion, exactly how in the world did he do it?

Here is the book that Jerry Doyle's fans have long awaited -- his deeply personal call for the country to truly unite and recognize that freedom and liberty require constant vigilance and resistance to the arbitrary exercise of government power. Doyle encourages us to seize the day, to think big and follow our convictions -- much as he does in his own life, a fascinating success story of his rise to fame as an actor and talk radio superstar -- and to embrace the burgeoning resurgence of true idealism.

If you like your politics straight up, with a common-sense chaser and a shot of dry wit, you'll be galvanized and enlightened by Jerry Doyle -- the man, his story, and his insights into America today.