Headcase: Clement Book 4

Written by:
Keith A. Pearson
Narrated by:
Chris Clarkson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
10 hours 55 minutes
HeaDelusion is the ideal place to rest on a painful journey to the truth

David Nunn considers himself a good man. Employed as a counsellor for a mental health charity in North London, his typical day revolves around broken minds and dysfunctional lives.

Then, one day in January, a young man staggers into the charity's office; no appointment booked and seemingly in the grip of a drug-induced episode. David reluctantly agrees to see the young man.

It proves a brief but fateful encounter.

Within days of that meeting, two men gatecrash David's life; their motives wildly different but each making a demand. What they both have in common is their propensity for violence and deep-rooted psychological issues.

As his world descends into turmoil, David must decide if one of those men can save him from the other. Perhaps more importantly, can he save a self-confessed headcase from himself?
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