Health, Happiness & Wellcare Audiobook: 7 Title Collection

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Simply Magazine

Date: May 2012

Duration: 2 hours 26 minutes


Health, Happiness & Well Care focuses on creating balance in your life through moderate long term habit creation and support to avoid the need for diets, sleep pills, stress pills, and the like through promoting a stable healthful life with no fads.These 7 titles focus on healthy approaches to food, sleep, exercise, and calmness, improving your life without extreme measures which inevitably fail to deliver long term results. 95 Habits of Healthy & Happy People explores what exactly these people do. Primarily it is a moderate program that involves a better long term diet, a calmer approach to sleep, and an avoidance of stress whenever possible.Food Plan for Life: Never Diet Again creates a gradual program for you to change your diet to a healthier lower calorie one without depriving you of pleasures, but requiring those in smaller quantity! Sleep Habits of a Better Life: Best Practices is from a Medical Board Certified Doctor who has spent decades counseling patients about getting off pills and other such things and doing natural things to get the sleep they need. Yoga is a calm approach to some exercise without a great commitment just a moderate one. Busy & Stressed shows how to create white space in your calendar and life so you feel less pressed and have time for those things needing doing and that you want to do. Calm Yourself for a Better Life provides 98 tips to do exactly that, supporting what you will hear in Busy & Stressed. Save Money & the Planet by Recycling Now shows how you can do this to save money, help the environment, and feel better about your life in general. These are all moderate approaches that require no expensive meds, health clubs, or extreme commitments to anything. They follow the ancient Greek philosophy, Everything in moderation--not too much, but not too little either.


Health, Happiness & Wellcare Audiobook: 7 Title Collection

by John Sand, Deaver Brown, Harvard AB & MBA

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Health, Happiness & Wellcare Audiobook: 7 Title Collection, John Sand, Deaver Brown, Harvard AB & MBA