The Heart a Teacher: A Treasury of Inspiration

Written by:
Paula J. Fox
Narrated by:
Lyndsay Vitale

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2014
1 hour 0 minutes
The Heart of a Teacher is a celebration of thanks to the teachers of the world. The Heart of a Teacher is filled with inspirational stories and poems that reflect the hearts of teachers and their commitment to making a difference in each life they touch. Mac Anderson explains why he chose to publish this book: 'Part of my intention in publishing our gift book for educators, Heart of a Teacher, was to honor the teachers who had made a difference in my life. Ms. Bridges, who taught me in the 4th grade, was amazing! She made learning so much fun and made all of us feel as though we could do anything we wanted to do. Years later, I still remember the impact she made on me as a young child.'
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