Heaven and Earth

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: James Van Praagh

Narrated By: James Van Praagh

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: May 2008

Duration: 3 hours 19 minutes


Millions of people have been enthralled—and had their lives changed—by James Van Praagh's amazing psychic ability to communicate with other spiritual realms. Van Praagh has shown us what lies beyond our own visible world, explaining that death is not the end of existence, and how communication with the departed can bring solace, hope, and love into our lives.

Combining his own inspiring experiences with testimony from others who have been touched by their spirit family and guides, Van Praagh encourages us to embark on our own journey of discovery and develop our own innate psychic talents. In Heaven and Earth: Making the Psychic Connection, the author leads us:
* To truly see, feel, and listen to our inner voice
* To strengthen our energy field in order to make contact with spirit
* To recognize signals from spirit beings
* To acknowledge the actions of angels in our daily life
* To create a development circle to increase our sensitivity
* To overcome our fears and limitations
* To protect ourselves from negative or harmful forces

Spirits can serve as teachers, companions, motivators, and even as protectors. We have only to find them, and with Heaven and Earth, we have the perfect guide.


  • Penni Ritchie

    James Van Praagh is very thorough in this book and gives multiple examples and meditation information. I truly believe JVP has made it very clear and precise that crossing the barriers between Heaven & Earth are not only possible, but inevitable, with practice and belief.