Heaven's Keep

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2019
11 hours 45 minutes
Intrepid hero Cork O'Connor faces the most harrowing mission of his life when a charter plane carrying his wife, Jo, goes missing in a snowstorm over the Wyoming Rockies. Months after the tragedy, two women show up on Cork's doorstep with evidence that the pilot of Jo's plane was not the man he claimed to be. It may not be definitive proof, but it's a ray of light in the darkness. Agreeing to investigate, Cork travels to Wyoming, where he battles the interference of local law enforcement who may be on the take, the open hostility of the Northern Arapaho, who have much to lose if the truth is known, and the continuing attempts on his life by assassins who shadow his every move. At the center of all the danger and deception lies the possibility that Jo's disappearance was not the end of her, that somewhere along the labyrinthine path of his search, maybe even in the broad shadow of Heaven's Keep itself, Cork will find her alive and waiting for him.
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Rhonda G.

David Chandler voice and voices are tremendous!

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Carol B.

I am listening to the Cork O‘Connor series in order and have gotten to know the characters well. This was the most difficult and emotional title for me because of that. I finished listening at record speed BECAUSE I definitely wanted to know how this story ended. David Chandler as Narrator is excellent.

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Keri H

Another Amazing Cork Novel! So many emotions! Unexpected twist. Ready for the next novel.

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Karen B.

I’m a big fan of the Cork O’Connor books but this one wasn’t one of the best. Seemed like unnecessary descriptive text was used to fill in story line. Liked the twist at the end though.

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Gina M.

Not our favorite in the series so far. Slow start which is unusual for a Cork O’Connor mystery. Didn’t become interesting until 3/4ths into the book. Almost gave up on it. Voice used for Dewey was grating. The explanation for how the pilot faked getting drunk was not believable. I’m heartbroken for Cork. Hoping #10 is back up to William Kent Krueger’s standards!

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Kenneth D.

This was my first listen of this author and I enjoyed it very much. It is not great literature, but it was enjoyable while walking in the neighborhood. We could not figure out "who did it" until the last 30 minutes of the book. The narrator was good, but not excellent. I will probably listen to another of this author and narrator.

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Patricia A V.

The storyline in this book was interesting however the book lacked much excitement for me. It was slow moving and laborious in the attempt to uncover the clues needed to solve the mystery. This is a series of books by this author featuring Cork O’Connor and as such, it is part of the patchwork of Cork’s story. One could skip over this book but then you would miss the elements here that advances the continuation of the storyline. This series, when read in order, provides a great way to follow the life and adventures of Cork O’Connor as a family man, a business owner and a private investigator in a small town in Minnesota. The stories are intertwined with the neighboring Native American tribe’s stories. The books are interesting and I always learn something. Always. While this was not my favorite book in the series, it did advance the continuing tale and set me up to read the next book in the series. The narrator, as always, was absolutely top notch!

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Anne F.

This review was originally posted on Books of My Heart   Review copy was received from Publisher. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.   I sort of want to read this  Cork O'Connor series, and ignore everything else in my life. Recorded Books is rerecording the ones not originally by the primary narrator of the series, David Chandler, which is working out fantastically for me. It's a great series with layers of interesting plots in the mystery / suspense, beautiful Minnesota lake and woods descriptions, the continued development of characters as they grow and learn, and the cultural aspects of the many characters. I feel you do need to read the series in order, to know the characters and what the current status is with Cork's family. In Heaven's Keep,  Jenny and Annie are in college, so Steven is the only one at home. He is going through teenage growing pains of sorts, finding himself.  Cork is working as a private investigator but getting ready to open Sam's for the summer this year. The primary issues are that Jo (Cork's wife) has gone on a work trip and her plane is missing, and  Cork is fighting a major development at the lakefront which might spoil the natural beauty.  Cork has a difficult emotional journey with his family as they search for Jo. He manages to be thoughtful and compassionate with others in spite of the very difficult circumstances. I won't spoil the story but it is a long, arduous path to find Jo. Cork is fortunate to have both law enforcement / search and rescue experience, great contacts within the Indian community, and some amazing friends so he can track down what happened. Narration: I'm so happy the series will have more with David Chandler narration.  The Minnesota locations and Indian words were pronounced as I expected.  I appreciate his handling of all the voices of both genders, with the primary character being Cork.  I was able to listen comfortably at my usual 1.5x speed.

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