Helene's War

Written by:
Pernille Juhl
Narrated by:
Zoe Mills
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
8 hours 38 minutes
Helene's War is a tense historical romance about a girl's difficult choice between love or duty in World War II

Shy Helene dreams of studying at university, finding love and getting married. A chance encounter leads her down a dangerous path with increasingly desperate choices to make in order to survive in this time of war and crisis.
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Cindy P.

The narrator was perfect! This book was excellent until the end. I'm all for a cliffhanger ending but this one was way to abrupt.

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Deborah Z.

Very interesting story and normally would have given 4 stars, but the book ended without the story really ending. Is there a sequel planned? The narrator was very good.

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Interesting story about WWII from a perspective I haven't heard much. I've read about Danes protecting Jewish people, but not much about their resistance. The story was a little weak, but Interesting nonetheless.

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Patricia D.

The ending was incomplete…was not at all happy with it…

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Jessica Gonzalez

The book had a good story, learning about another countries problems through World War II was interesting, but I was really disappointed at the ending. The book has been translated into English, so perhaps some of it may have been lost in translation. The story was vauge at times, but overall good.

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Jennifer G.

The narrator was excellent as well as the book. It brings to light some of the historical suffering people went through in WWII. It should remind all of us that we must appreciate what was accomplished, freedom from Nazi oppression and the sacrifices made by service men and women as well as civilians. We also need to stand up for our 1st amendment rights!

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Linda E.

I really enjoyed this book but NOT THE ENDING!

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The cliffhanger is way to abrupt but hope to read book 2

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Marcel L.

Honestly, this read was not my cup of tea. Nevertheless it was interesting to learn a bit more about how WW2 was experienced in Denmark.

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Alexandra H.

The story wasn’t very interesting and didn’t get exciting at any part. The narrator on the other hand was great.

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