Hidden Among Us: A Psychologist's Journey into the Unknown

Hidden Among Us: A Psychologist's Journey into the Unknown

Written by:
Dr Viggo Priorgade
Narrated by:
Noah Johnson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
3 hours 30 minutes
'Hidden Among Us: A Psychologist's Journey into the Unknown' is a captivating exploration where science and the supernatural collide. Follow a dedicated psychologist as mysterious cases blur the lines of reality, unveiling a labyrinth of enigmatic encounters that challenge our understanding of the world.

From the spine-tingling whispers of 'Patient A' in Chapter 1 to government revelations in Chapter 8, the book unravels documented abductions, secret whispers, and close encounters. Dive deep into the human psyche, discovering testimonies intertwined with a potentially extraterrestrial thread.

In 'The Voices of the Unknown,' the author meticulously compiles evidence, questioning whether unearthly communications are hallucinations or hidden truths. The exploration of the 'Therapeutic Portal' in Chapter 6 raises the existential question: does it bridge to other realities or reflect collective illusions rooted in our deepest fears and desires?

The journey is fraught with controversy, leading to a personal 'Disclosure by Degrees' in ethical and professional dilemmas explored in Chapter 10. As the narrative unfolds, 'Hidden Among Us' crafts a provocative and enlightening psychological expedition. Abductions, visions, and otherworldly guidance woven into everyday life prompt the crucial question: are we truly alone? Prepare for a nerve-wracking journey into the unknown.
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