High Jinx

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2016
7 hours 0 minutes
As Anatole Broyard of the New York Times has so aptly said, 'If le Carr├® is the Henry James of suspense fiction, Buckley, if he chose, might be the Waugh.' Bill Buckley has created a handsome American hero, Blackford Oakes, who happens to be an irreverent Yale-and-CIA-trained superspy.

The year is 1954. Stalin has died in Moscow and a deadly earnest power play nears its conclusion. Meanwhile, British and American commandos on a mission to liberate a Soviet satellite country have met a disastrous end. Jinxed. The communications system between English and American intelligence has been penetrated. Jinxed. There is a spook in their midst. High Jinx—higher still when the risk becomes one which Blacky alone must take.
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