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Book Rating (26)

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High On Arrival

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: Mackenzie Phillips

Narrated By: Mackenzie Phillips

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: September 2009

Duration: 5 hours 51 minutes


The daughter of John Phillips and stepdaughter of Michelle Phillips (both lead singers of the 60s band The Mamas and The Papas), Mackenzie Phillips grew up in a wild household, where a typical evening might involve rolling joints for her dad or fending off advances by Mick Jagger. Far from an idyllic childhood, she describes her parents' home as "dirty and broken" with "very little going on inside except sex, drugs and rock and roll."

In spite of the constant turmoil at home, Mackenzie excelled on-screen, becoming famous in her own right at age 14 for her role in the iconic film American Graffiti. Her precocious presence on that film landed her a starring role as Julie Cooper Horvath on the hit sitcom One Day at a Time alongside America's sweetheart Valerie Bertinelli. But even with the world at her fingertips, Mackenzie couldn't escape the dark secrets and constant drug use at home: she began using herself. Within a few years, her professional life was on the skids and she was eventually written out of the show. For the next 20 years she battled her drug addiction, going through rehab several times and managing to stay clean for ten years until Labor Day 2008, when she landed back in the tabloids for possession of cocaine and heroin at LAX. What led to her reuse is a shocking, life-long secret that she'll reveal in-depth for the first time here.

Painful, heartwrenching, yet ultimately uplifting, Mackenzie's story is a testament not only to the power of drugs and how they can change the course of a user's life forever, but it's also a story of courage, forgiveness, and true redemption.


  • Meagan P

    Poorly written. Maybe needed a ghost writer. Wasn't amazing but feel so very sorry for her childhood

  • Anonymous

    I realize it is a biography but I found it very depressing. If all is true then in my opinion I'd just keep my mouth shut about some of this. Smut sells and I suppose she succeeded in her intention, "tell all and watch the $$".

  • Anonymous

    Interesting bio. She seriously messed up her life. I am surprised that she survived. The story was interesting, but kinda depressing.

  • BeckyBear

    Very disturbing and honest. I couldn't wait until I was in my car everyday to listen to it.

  • Anonymous

    wow, I had no idea that her life was like that. Im glad she narrated, otherwise a lot of meaning would have probably been lost. With her last slip having been so recent to the time of publish... makes me wonder if she might taker her profits from the book, and slip again. Though a lot of things REALLY changed in her life this go around. Of course for her benefit, and everyone around her... I hope she does just fine and stays clean.

  • Heleeene

    It's great to hear the story in her own voice. You can feel the emotion surging up in a couple of places, especially when she talks about her son. I really grew to respect her during her stint on Celebrity Rehab, so it was gratifying to have more insight to where she came from. I applaud her for her efforts and hope that she will continue in the same vein of healing and growth.