The High Potential's Advantage: Get Noticed, Impress Your Bosses, and Become a Top Leader

Narrated by:
L.J. Ganser

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2018
8 hours 15 minutes
Are you a high potential? Your managers and HR department are constantly wondering that about you-and assessing whether or not you have what it takes to advance. Here's how to get them to answer yes. Being seen as a high potential leader is essential to getting promoted and reaching an organization's upper echelons, but most companies keep their top talent list a closely guarded secret. And the assessment process they use to decide who is and isn't a future leader is an even greater mystery. The High Potential's Advantage takes readers 'behind the scenes' and shows them how to get on, and stay on, their company's fast track. Leadership development experts Jay Conger and Allan Church draw upon decades of their research and experience-designing high potential programs for hundreds of large well-known global organizations, and managing and coaching thousands of developing leaders-to answer the critical questions asked by ambitious employees and managers: What will it take for me to advance in this organization? What does my boss look for when deciding whether or not I'm a high potential? Once I'm on the list, then what? Can I fall off of it, and how does that happen? Revealing a set of key differentiators-the five 'X factors'-that set people apart across companies of all types, readers learn what they have to do to achieve and maintain the coveted top talent status. Packed with examples of high potential leaders-from those on the verge of their first promotion to those only a step away from the C-suite-the authors provide detailed advice for cultivating and practicing each 'X factor.' In addition, the authors show readers how to identify their company's 'signature factors'-those special capabilities particular to their organization-and how to gain insight into, and excel at, the specific process their company uses to identify and develop high potentials.
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