High Rhulain

Written by:
Brian Jacques
Narrated by:
Brian Jacques , A Full Cast

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2008
11 hours 25 minutes
With millions of copies in print, the New York Times bestselling Redwall series from beloved, award-winning
author Brian Jacques has captivated children and adults all over the world. In this riveting adventure tale, the otters
of Green Isle await their prophesized savior, the High Rhulain.

At Redwall Abbey, a young ottermaid named Tiriah Wildlough longs for the glory of a warrior’s life, much to
her father’s disapproval. But when a wounded osprey brings news of the besieged otters of Green Isle—tormented
by wildcat chieftain Riggu Fellis and his dreaded catguard slave masters—Tiriah knows what she must do. She must
brave the Great Western Sea to join forces with the leader of the embattled otters.

Jacques and his own dramatic company deliver a fully voiced performance of this breathtaking story, creating
unforgettable personalities for all the remarkable creatures
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