Highly Sensitive Person: Understanding the Mind of an Empath, Gifted Person, or Introvert

Highly Sensitive Person: Understanding the Mind of an Empath, Gifted Person, or Introvert

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Release Date
November 2020
9 hours 36 minutes
This combo contains several books that are all related to our sensitivity, which are:


Book 1: This book focuses on the emotional and inspirational support gifted children need to accomplish the goals they or you have set.

Book 2: In this brief guide to giftedness, we will assess and critically examine the results of IQ-tests and their significance. We will also look at the homework problems many gifted children face, with their particular set of grey matter, and why schools often fail to meet the needs of those same children, because let’s face it: The schools often have no clue what to do with them, how to challenge them properly, or how to adapt a program to their constant drive to explore, discover, and be more creative.

Book 3: Do gifted children have behavioral problems? Do they adapt? Are they perfectionists?

The answer to these three questions is a resounding “yes.” However, this also raises questions that need to be answered about how to parent them, how to handle outbursts and emotional moments, etc.

Book 4: In a world of self-absorbed individuals, socially impaired ignoramuses, and annoying distractions in busy lives, we need empaths. The empath clearly senses and empathizes with other individuals more easily.

Book 5: Sensitivity isn’t always appreciated in a harsh, cold world with fast-paced relationships and quick contacts.


Book 6: Are you an introvert? Or do people say you are? Or are you in a relationship with an introvert? Then this book might just be the thing for you.

Book 7: Some people get older and never grow up. Others are very mature for their age. How can you determine when someone is really emotionally mature?

Book 8: You may have heard of emotional intelligence. You may have even learned a little bit about it.
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