A History of the English Language

Written by:
Michael Drout
Narrated by:
Henry Strozier

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2009
8 hours 16 minutes
Professor Drout addresses the foundation of language and its connection to specific portions of the brain. The components of language are explained in easy-to-understand terms and the progression of the language from Germanic to Old, Middle, and Modern English is fully illustrated-including such revolutionary language upheavals as those brought about by the Norman Conquest and the Great Vowel Shift. One of the most interesting aspects of the English language lies in its variants, such as the 'soda' vs. 'pop' debate and the place of African-American English in modern culture. These and other dialectual curiosities are looked at in detail and placed in the context of today's world. Finally, Professor Drout examines the future not only of the English language, but of all the world's languages.
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Gordon S.

Prof. Drout just knows his stuff cold. I learned so much about the English language and linguistics.

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