Hold On, But Don't Hold Still: Hope and Humor from My Seriously Flawed Life

Written by:
Kristina Kuzmic
Narrated by:
Kristina Kuzmic

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2020
6 hours 38 minutes
Delivering inspiration and 'parenting comedy at its finest,'* here is one woman's story of ditching her fairytale dreams and falling in love with her unpredictable, chaotic, imperfect life from the author of I Can Fix This

Kristina Kuzmic has made herself a household name, speaking directly to mothers from the trenches of parenthood via her viral videos and social media presence. She is now bringing her message of self-acceptance, resilience, and joy to book readers. With a refreshingly unpretentious, funny, and galvanizing voice, Kuzmic goes behind the scenes to reveal how she went from broke and defeated to unshakably grounded and brimming with thankfulness. Illuminating the hard-won wisdom from a life always spent one step behind--whether it was as a high school student new to America, a suddenly single mother to two kids, remarried and juggling two teens and a toddler, or the unexpected recipient of Oprah's attention and investment--Hold On, But Don't Hold Still is the book every mother needs to reassure her that she's not only fine just as she is, but that she already has more tools and support than she can possibly imagine. Sparkling with wit, this heartfelt memoir is like a long coffee date with a best friend, or the eleventh-hour text message that gives you just the boost you need to get through the night.

*The Huffington Post
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Heather B.

loved it. definitely recommend to anyone struggling with parenting or heck just life. I am in the middle of hating myself and working on getting my self confidence up. this book has alot of great humor and hope and advice.

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Just ok I’ve heard it all before.

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I really enjoyed this book. The stories are open and honest. The advice is practical and helpful. Thank you!

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Duzette J.

love this book and her perspekectiv on life ♥️ it gives so many things to think about and to see life from another perspectiv to enjoy life more with it's up's and down's.

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Denise C.

Every parent should read this book.

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Kristina has helped me get through some dark days. Days I wanted to just give up and end it. She keeps me going and reminds me that everyone struggles and I'm not alone.

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Nora G.

Loved it, positive vibes for parents with down to earth real life moments and how to look at them with a positive attitud allowing yourself to also have bad moments.

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Laura Brown

I throughly enjoyed this book! There is more insight to how she got to where she is now and she took me on the trip with her! I loved it. Bonus: A ton of great lessons in how to be a better person and enjoying what you have plus, making the best of everything. Thank you for the insight and words of encouragement Kristina Kuzmic! Congratulations to also getting it printed in different languages. Narration: 10

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