Hollywood Ending

Written by:
Tash Skilton

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2021
10 hours 11 minutes
All through college, Nina and Sebastian were sentence-finishing, secret-sharing BFFs, and absolute super fans of Castles of Rust and Bone. It was the kind of show—and the kind of friendship—that demands you’re all in, for the plot twists,
the unresolved sexual tension, the weekly coup d’etat—and ultimately, the heartbreak.
At Least Until the Big Cliffhanger …
But when Castles’ season finale turned into the unceremoniously axed show’s awkward farewell, Nina and Sebastian’s friendship ended just as suddenly—and just as awkwardly. And Sebastian’s longed-for chance to woo Nina into something
more than friendship was written out of their story.
In Hollywood, There’s Always a Comeback.
Five years later, Nina and Sebastian are living their best lives in L.A.—and Castles is being rebooted. Nina’s a social media coordinator for the streaming service that will air the show, and Sebastian is a PA for the production company. What could
be more perfect? How about running into each other on set … ?
Fingers Crossed for a Happy Ending …
Turns out even the most dedicated fans are due for a wake-up call when they get to peek behind the scenes. And suddenly Nina and Sebastian are remembering when they were super fans of each other instead. Will flipping the script from
buddy comedy to real romance ruin everything—or deliver the happily-ever-after they both crave?
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