Holmes, Marple & Poe: The Greatest Crime-Solving Team of the Twenty-First Century

Narrated by:
Christine Lakin

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
9 hours 8 minutes
Crime! Murder! Who are you going to call?

In New York City, three intriguing, smart, and stylish private investigators open Holmes, Marple & Poe Investigations. Who are these detectives with famous names and mysterious, untraceable pasts?

Brendan Holmes—The Brain: Identifies suspects via deduction and logic.

Margaret Marple—The Eyes: Possesses powers of observation too often underestimated.

Auguste Poe—The Muscle: Chases down every lead no matter how dangerous or dark.

The agency’s daring methodology and headline-making solves attract the attention of NYPD Detective Helene Grey. Her solo investigation into her three unknowable competitors will delight mystery fans.
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Nancy S.

I love Sherlock Holmes, I saw James Patterson‘s name on it. I ordered the book I listen to it. It was all over the place! I don’t know if it was the children’s book, but it doesn’t even have James Patterson‘s name on it afterwards when you order it!I’ll be careful next time

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Catherine B.

This is the first Patterson book I read because I thought the title sounded intriguing. I found the plot lines tiring and uninteresting. The book had so many themes that were taken from old television shows or movies, it was quite easy to predict the plot. And I didn't need to be Sherlock Holmes to do so. As the end of the book mercifully approached, it seemed as though Mr. Patterson was grasping at ideas to create elegant resolutions. The final chapter with Markle in Texas was, well, weird. I definitely would not recommend this book unless you have nothing else to do with your time.

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