Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow

Written by:
Yuval Noah Harari
Narrated by:
Derek Perkins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2016
14 hours 54 minutes
Brought to you by Penguin.

Sapiens showed us where we came from. In uncertain times, Homo Deus shows us where we're going.

Yuval Noah Harari envisions a near future in which we face a new set of challenges. Homo Deus explores the projects, dreams and nightmares that will shape the twenty-first century and beyond - from overcoming death to creating artificial life.

It asks the fundamental questions: how can we protect this fragile world from our own destructive power? And what does our future hold?

'Homo Deus will shock you. It will entertain you. It will make you think in ways you had not thought before' Daniel Kahneman, bestselling author of Thinking, Fast and Slow

© Yuval Noah Harari 2016 (P) Penguin Audio 2016
Profile Avatar

An excellent book and the narrator was very easy to listen to

Profile Avatar
Beceanu M.

buna carte

Profile Avatar
Greg J.

great audiobook, could do with an update as written before the pandemic. some very clever insights.

Profile Avatar
Denis V.

As Sapiens, amazing!

Profile Avatar
Kamal K.

great book. while full of certain assumptions about the shape of the future (for example apparent disregard to alternative future possibilities resulting from tech advancement) the book still is a great narration revolving around the current historical moment. rich, yet often otientalistic in its examples and choices, the narrative is still interesting and captivating.

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Not as good as homo sapiens

Profile Avatar
Daniel E.

Great and thought provoking listening

Profile Avatar

I have read the first book and second in less then a week, they are my favourite! about to read the third.

Profile Avatar

Running off the success of sapiens and 21 lessons for the 21st century. This book was just a money spinner nothing more to add.

Profile Avatar
adam lambe

An excellent book which makes all of us think about our current actions and the direction we may be heading. Really enjoyed it

Profile Avatar
Reuben E.

I loved Sapiens, because it was factual and interesting and enriched my ideas about why we are like we are. This felt like a semi-sci-fi journey based on speculation in comparison. I like the narrator’s voice although the tone can feel a little ominous and I was a bit fed up of listening to it by the end.

Profile Avatar

great! thanks to the narrator~

Profile Avatar
Christopher N

Everyone should read this.

Profile Avatar
Quah k

Amazing book.

Profile Avatar
Ramya K

So interesting and very, very thought provoking and again brilliant narration that brings the book to life!!

Profile Avatar
Chris F

This book is sooooo Jacked!!!.

Profile Avatar
Andreas Velgaard

Mind blowing ideas.

Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow
This title is due for release on September 8, 2016.

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Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow
This title is due for release on September 8, 2016
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Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow
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Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow

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