The Hope Vendetta: A Novel

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Scott Mariani

Narrated By: James Langton

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: March 2012

Duration: 12 hours 27 minutes


A deadly conspiracy. An ancient prophecy. A race to prevent Armageddon.

Still reeling from a devastating personal loss, ex-SAS operative and hero-for-hire Ben Hope has decided to put down his gun for good and return to the theology studies he had abandoned years ago. But when his professor and friend asks him to help find his missing daughter, archeologist Zoe Bradbury, Ben reluctantly agrees to pick up his gun once more and travel to Greece to see if Zoe has been kidnapped as her father fears. Ben has no idea he's just embarked on the most dangerous mission of his life.

As Ben investigates in Greece, he realizes that Zoe's most recent archeological discovery of an artifact related to the Book of Revelation is at the heart of her disappearance. What is the ancient secret that Zoe uncovered? And just who is willing to do anything to protect it? The investigation leads Ben from the islands of Greece to Savannah, Georgia and the holy city of Jerusalem, and he soon discovers that it's not just Zoe's life on the line, but those of millions, threatened by a fundamentalist plot to gain ultimate power.

The stakes are terrifyingly high as Ben races to prevent a disaster that could kick-start apocalyptic events as foretold by the Book of Revelation.