Horrible Harry Cracks the Code

Written by:
Suzy Kline
Narrated by:
Johnny Heller

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2010
0 hours 34 minutes
The Horrible Harry books have won Suzy Kline rave reviews and adoring fans who are hungry for more adventures with her irrepressible wannabe detective. When a cafeteria contest kicks off in school, all the kids in Room 3B are eager to take the prize-and none more than Horrible Harry. It seems the day's winners are being decided by a mathematical code, and if Harry can crack it he'll get a leg up on his competition. But cracking the code is easier said than done, and if pesky Mary finds out what he's up to, she's sure to cry foul. 'Kline writes in an upbeat and humorous style ...'-School Library Journal
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