Horrible Harry in Room 2B

Written by:
Suzy Kline
Narrated by:
Johnny Heller

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2017
0 hours 40 minutes
How much trouble could a second-grader cause? Plenty, if it's Horrible Harry. Whether he's making Song Lee scream by showing her his pet snake, or playing a dead fish in the Thanksgiving play, Horrible Harry's just not happy unless he's stirring up trouble. But when one of Harry's classmates tries to get even with him by pasting canary stickers on his chair, lunch box and library book, a showdown can't be far off. Will Harry be able to reclaim his throne as the most horrible second grader, or will Sidney's stickers humble Horrible Harry? Suzy Kline is an elementary school teacher and one of America's best-loved writers for children. In Horrible Harry, Kline has created a character that children of all ages will love. Johnny Heller's warm voice will delight Kline fans and create a generation of avid Horrible Harry listeners.
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