House of Evil: The Indiana Torture Slaying

Written by:
John W. Dean
Narrated by:
John Glouchevitch

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2016
6 hours 28 minutes
In the heart of Indianapolis in the mid-1960's, through a twist of fate and fortune, a pretty young girl came to live with a thirty-seven-year-old mother and her seven children. What began as a temporary childcare arrangement between Sylvia Likens's parents and Gertrude Baniszewski turned into a crime that would haunt cops, prosecutors, and a community for decades to come . . .

When police found Sylvia's emaciated body, with a chilling message carved into her flesh, they knew that she had suffered tremendously before her death. Soon they would learn how many others-including some of Baniszewski's own children-participated in Sylvia's murder, and just how much torture had been inflicted in one House of Evil.
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Sandra Z.

I loved hearing the whole story I knew about the horrific events in the house but I loved hearing the court outcomes

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