How to Become CEO: The Rules for Rising to the Top of Any Organization

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Jeffrey J. Fox

Narrated By: Jeffrey J. Fox

Publisher: Macmillan Audio

Date: January 2004

Duration: 1 hours 37 minutes


A No-Nonsense, Common-Sense Guide to Getting to the Top of the Tree
How does one become a CEO? Many people know they want to climb the corporate ladder, but don't have a clue about how to ascend that ladder without losing their grip. In this insightful, controversial program, Jeffrey J. Fox offers solid, practical advice and recommendations on how to fulfill your ambition to better yourself, to be a contributor, to make a difference, to grow professionally, and to be more successful.
The seventy-five 'rules' that Mr. Fox -- founder of a marketing and consulting firm and an MBA graduate of Harvard Business School -- outlines are actions you must take, traits you must develop and things you must avoid in order to succeed. Mr. Fox's short and simple one-lesson-per-topic approach is an intelligent and straight-forward method of business instruction.
This guide sets forth the qualities that every successful leader must have: vision, persistence, integrity, and respect for superiors, subordinated, and peers. Whether you want to become president or CEO of a corporation, buy a business, start a business, run your own business, or have a long and fruitful career in a large corporation, How to Become CEO will give you the power to control your own business destiny.


  • Nick

    Nifty idea, but I don't see how the list of items in this book will help a person become CEO. Nonetheless, this is a common-sense list of basic behaviors that are good to have in business from the line level up to CEO. Minimal time investment so may be worth perusing.

  • Richard Zdanis

    Nice idea for a book, but underdone in terms of potential. In otherwords, I was disappointed that more details were not included. Most of the book is obvious to those of us who would even be interested in reading it. Why does Mr. Fox have to be to simplistic? Give us some information that we HAVEN'T heard.......

  • Tanya Hawkins

    This was incredibly helpful and informational, but at the same time it left you wanting more. I disagreed with some of the advice given. Good listen, but be objective in your own mind.

  • Rich

    I literally love anything the man writes (excusing the math errors in "How To Make Big Money in Your Own Small Business"), and "How to Become CEO" is no different. If you are used to the normal filler-fluff of business books, you will be pleasantly surprised at Fox's straight-forward approach. He assumes the audience he is reaching is bright enough to keep up, and he moves ahead at an unapologetic pace. That said, there will literally be times during "HT Become CEO" where you will want to pause and soak in his brilliance; and I encourage you to do so. Like all of his titles, "CEO" is written in an approachable style, devoid of the stylish buzzwords, cutesy stories, and business jargon that often congest otherwise good business titles, making this a great easy listen that still delivers solid information.

  • Anonymous

    This is a laundry list of suggestions, some good, some obvious. It was easy to listen to, but it did read like a grocery list the more I listened.

  • Super Commuter

    Wow. I'm not sure how Mr. Fox was able to get that much advice into such a short and simple list. It's remarkable. If he could spread it out to 365 items I think it would make a good daily calendar. The advice hits you like 75 little lightning bolts and each idea is so clear and open and raw because he did not waste a single syllable on a clarification, example or detail. It’s a must listen for any ambitious employee. The title doesn't really do it justice though since the advice is just as applicable to non-CEO tract persons. I guess if he had called it "how to be a successful employee or boss" it wouldn't be in-line with his matter-of-fact in-your-face clear loud bold style and it wouldn't be an eye-catcher. Don't let the title intimidate you. My advice is for everyone to listen to this with the goal of finding one thing in the list that hits home- making you aware of something that you may not have considered before.

  • Ruppmeister

    Great audio book. Advice given is usually common sense but the author has a way of emphasizing them clearly with purpose. Although I don't agree on all of his advice, I learned a few things. Voice of the author is clear and great speaker, unlike some of the audio books out there that put you to sleep.

  • Bibliophile in Illinois

    A terrific, simple and pithy guide to career progress. While some may feel that it is too simplistic, I find that the biggest benefit is the bullet-point format of 75 tips and the periodic reinforcement. The nuggets of information and ideas will be relevant at different points in your career. The author is frank, and has a clear point of view on many topics. This book is more for changing your habits and behavior than for helping you chart a path to the top- the author leaves that up to the individual reader. Overall, a great add to your career mangement plans!

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by Jeffrey J. Fox

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