How to Control your Emotions:  Effective Ways To Maintain Your Cool When The Situation Demands It

How to Control your Emotions: Effective Ways To Maintain Your Cool When The Situation Demands It

Written by:
Jennifer N. Smith
Narrated by:
Shaina Summerville
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
2 hours 13 minutes
Have you ever said something hurtful and nasty, then immediately regretted the words? Have you ever reacted intensely to something, and later wished you hadn’t? 

How many times during the day do we show our feelings or bare our souls to people, only to be shamed later? 

All this happens to almost every one of us, every day of our life, all because we don’t know how to control our emotions. 

Yes, that’s where the problem lies: our emotions! 

Our emotions are often so intense and so powerful that we can’t seem to control them. Be it the positive ones like love and happiness, or the hatefully negative ones like anger and contempt, our emotions are better hidden inside us. When we unleash them to the world without a second thought, we might become the reason behind someone’s unhappiness and suffering. 

It is extremely important to learn how to control our emotions, all the different kinds we experience and feel every second, every minute, every hour and every day of our lives. Emotions should be controlled and managed, hidden away until we know exactly how to reveal them, and only to the right people. 

“How to control your Emotions” isn’t just a book based on researched, but my own journey. After my own life was changed drastically because I couldn’t control my own emotions on a very important day of my life, the idea for this book came to me. I researched it, added my own thoughts and experience to it, to make this book a guideline for all the people who, just like me, has trouble controlling their own emotions when the situation demands it.
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