How to Hire A-Players: Finding the Top People for Your Team- Even If You Don't Have a Recruiting Department

Written by:
Eric Herrenkohl
Narrated by:
Kevin Stillwell

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
6 hours 34 minutes
Now more than ever, it is vital that executives make smart hiring decisions. Lost time, wasted money, and squandered opportunities all stem from sub-par hiring decisions. To be a great business leader, you must be a great recruiter. In the end, you will be judged by the ability of your people to produce 'A-Player' results. How to Hire A-Players explains that recruiting is just marketing and sales in different garb. To improve your recruiting results, you simply refocus these marketing & sales abilities on the labor market. You have to know how and where to prospect for high-quality employees. Your current marketing, sales, and networking efforts provide terrific recruiting opportunities. Eric's insights include: Would You Know An A-Player If You Met One? Define Your A-Player Profile. Don't Fill Positions. Build A Great Team. Would You Want To Work With This Person? How to Generate Worthwhile Employee Referrals. 'Recruiter-in-Chief' How to Use Recruiters (Wisely) What's In It For Me? How To Advertise For A-Players. Never Underestimate The Economic Value of Good Looks & How to Identify Candidates Who Perform Well Rather Than Just Look Good. Pop the Hood, Don't Kick the Tires. How to Use Personnel Assessments in the Interview Process It's Not The A-Players You Hire ...
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