How to Impress Dad: A How to Guide on Keeping Dad Happy

How to Impress Dad: A How to Guide on Keeping Dad Happy

Written by:
Inez Chloris
Narrated by:
Michael Lakeman
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
0 hours 37 minutes
Can you guess…...

what the most desired aspiration of parents for their children is?

 You guessed right! It is that most parents wish their children and wards grow up to be responsible adults.

A responsible child is confident, well balanced, secure and is by default raised to brace the challenges and pressures of today’s world.

“How to impress dad”, certainly focuses on dads; it also shares simple, fun and practical ways of developing necessary skills required to becoming responsible adults.

Want to have more fun with your dad? Learn the fun way to make him laugh and smile more! Pick up life skills including communication, independence and taking the initiative by practising with your very own dad!

Cool isn’t it? Have fun with your dad and at the same time become the son or daughter dads usually like to brag about!
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