How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

Written by:
Daniel Smith
Narrated by:
Dominic Thorburn

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
4 hours 15 minutes
An entrepreneur is someone who has a great, innovative idea that identifies the need for the creation of a new business, taking on the financial risk in the hope of profit and driving that business forward in a measured way.
This book draws on the stories, experiences and words of iconic business figures from around the globe and across the years - from Andrew Carnegie and Oprah Winfrey to Steve Jobs and Sunil Mittal. Each chapter deals with a specific aspect of entrepreneurship and the lessons they can teach us, such as:
- If you want to become big, you need to think big. If you're content for your business to tick over, that's fine. But if you want it to be a world-beater, you need a world-beater's mindset
- Don't forget what makes your business scalable in the first place
- Prepare your company for growing pains. Expansion brings inevitable problems but an entrepreneur should do everything possible to ready their business
- Try to predict what lies ahead - but remember Warren Buffet's wise words: 'Forecasts usually tell us more of the forecaster than of the future'
Each study includes quotations from and about its main subject, along with words of wisdom from other relevant famous names. Informative, educative and thought provoking, How to Think Like an Entrepreneur presents the ideas and methods of the business greats, allowing the reader to expand their understanding of what drives and informs successful entrepreneurship.
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