How to Write a Book This Weekend, Even If You Flunked English Like I Did

Written by:
Vic Johnson
Narrated by:
Wes Talbot

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2013
1 hour 29 minutes
“Who Else Wants To Write a Book This Weekend?”

It's easier than you think!

Best-selling author Vic Johnson actually wrote this book in a weekend to prove how easy it is. And he gives you step-by-step detail of everything he did, including the resources he uses to turn out content-rich books in no time at all.

How To Write a Book This Weekend is a perfect strategy for first-time book writers who have been discouraged by the thought of pounding out words for months at a time.

Inside these pages you'll learn:

* Where to find idea “factories” that allow you to “crowdsource” the hottest trending topics.

* The little-known secrets used by a 19th century Russian immigrant to sell over 100 million print books.

* The “can't fail” method of choosing a title that makes your book irresistible to prospective buyers.

* A “backdoor” Google code that will instantly reveal a treasure trove of valuable research material for your book.

* The magic method that eliminates writers block and produces top quality content in a fraction of the time of other methods.

Please note: This method has had proven success on many occasions when applied to non-fiction books. It may or may not be useful for fiction writers.
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Frank A.

This offers no help in the creative process or how to right as book in a week end . 1 hr 29 min of dribble .

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Daniel Spacagna

Totally what I was looking for. Practical, detailed enough and motivational.

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Good short book, some good points to get the final results quick and easy. Still no help on the writing process wish is usually the real struggle

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Daniel Lindholm

I picked this up as a monthly V.I.P. reward. For all that the title suggests, this how-to guide is becoming dated, and leaves a lot of technical hurdles left to other people. Indeed, a lot of the content of this book or article set is focused on using tools from the time of publishing to create books that now would be in competition with A.I. writing tools, and using publishing profits as the primary incentive for writing, rather than passion for writing as an art form. What I can say is that the audiobook’s narration quality is excellent, and the advice may be relevant for prospective writers who are more comfortable creating audio, rather than writing.

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Annie H.

Helpful book

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Janet S.

Fun quick read. I liked the ideas and "to the point" advise.

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James D.

I am truly inspired to write my own book: “How to spend too much money on a book that is far too short.”

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Elize S.

Perfect. Short snd sweet to the point with lots of practical hints and resources. I am motivated to take the next step!

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