How To Write a Short Story: Your Step By Step Guide to Writing a Short Story

How To Write a Short Story: Your Step By Step Guide to Writing a Short Story

Written by:
Sarah Zachary , Howexpert
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Release Date
November 2016
1 hour 3 minutes
Have you ever wanted to write a short story, but had no idea where to begin? Have you looked for tips, hints, or advice about how to develop characters and plots without being able to be sure you’re getting advice from the experts? Look no further than this guide here before you! Carefully written from personal advice and experience based on years of writing, you can be sure you’re getting first-rate information which will continually be of use, whether you’re a full-time writer or just looking to first dip your toes into the world of writing.

This book contains information on the following: characters and developing them, plots, settings, dialogue, pov, conflicts, and several other subjects to build a basis. Once that basis is built, there are many other subjects to move on to, from how to win contests and get published or paid for your writing, guides on interesting subjects like meanings of colors, and much more! You will never find the information in the guide tiresome or overused, and it continues to be useful time after time. The guide is easy to navigate as well, with each section being bolded and a larger size for easy reading.

About The Expert

Sarah Zachary was born in 1988, the only daughter of Stephen and Teresa Zachary. Although she always loved being read to as a child and took frequent library trips, she first discovered her love of writing in early high school, when she was assigned to write a paragraph of a fictional story. Sarah went on to write the first fifty pages of a play novel. When her friends showed enjoyment in her writing, Sarah went on to publish her first pieces of work online and gained followers who helped shape and critique her craft. She continued to write short stories and began to attempt to get her work published.

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