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How to Write Your First Nonfiction Book

How to Write Your First Nonfiction Book

Written by:
Vinil Ramdev
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
3 hours 37 minutes
Have you been thinking about writing a book for several years? But haven’t started yet?

Do you really want to finish writing your book this year?

Then, you need this guide.

Packed with wise insights aimed at helping you succeed as a first-time non-fiction author, this book is a must-have guide for the beginner. The book’s friendly tone; and clear, straightforward writing style makes it easy to read for anyone. No matter what topic you choose to write about, this book shows you how to successfully present your ideas—and keep readers engaged.

The author’s tried-and-tested tips lead you through the best way to plan, draw up a detailed outline, gather and organize information, and develop it into a book. There is no excess verbiage here—just the vital information you need as a newbie writer arranged into individual chapters, each dealing meticulously with a single aspect of the process, from starting out to hitting the done button.

About the Author

Vinil Ramdev has helped several authors publish their books. His life accidents include authoring books, starting businesses in retail, events, publishing, and serving a sentence as managing editor of a print magazine.
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