The Human: A SciFi Alien Romance

The Human: A SciFi Alien Romance

Written by:
Jenny Foster
Narrated by:
Angela Daw
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2018
6 hours 10 minutes
My orders are simple.

Bring the human female to my King.

A routine job for me - Or so I thought.

I am Talon Delkhari. 

I was the mightiest warlord of my people, until I dared to contradict my king. Instead of granting me an honorable death in the fight against our enemies, he made me his chamberlain, instead. It is my job to ensure the safety of his women.

His newest conquest is from Earth. He won her in a poker game, and I am supposed to deliver her to his bed safely. An easy assignment for someone like me. That’s what I thought, anyway. Until this human woman awakens the predator lurking under my skin, and it claimed her for itself.

She is different from all of the other women I know. 

She can see the animal in me. 

She looks at me without fear. 

Her scent follows me into my dreams, and even though I know that she can never belong to me, I can’t take my eyes off her.

But my loyalty to my people and my sense of duty are stronger than the beast that yearns for her under my skin... 

* * * A SciFi Alien Alpha Romance by USA Today Bestselling Author Jenny Foster. The Human is Book 3 of the Betania Breed Series. * * * 

This SciFi Romance Novel is intended for mature audiences. 

Mysterious Background Material included.

Betania Breed reading order:

The Captive

The Prey

The Human

The Dragon

If you like steamy alpha alien romance novels, you'll devour Jenny Foster's Betania Breed series. This will be a ride you won't want to miss.
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