Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
21 hours 51 minutes
The only way to escape is to die.

For eighteen years I've suffered at the hands of the Hunters. For eighteen years they've done their best to break me, to tear me open and unleash the terrifying monster that lives within.

Until the day they go too far.

When a desperate escape leads to another brush with death, I'm forced to place my trust in the hands of four formidable strangers. Wild and untamed, their feral natures call to me, their warrior hearts make mine come alive. And when they offer me a place to stay while I heal, I can't say no.

But the secrets I carry are deadly, and my past is a twisted, evil nightmare better left forgotten.

They may think they want to know me, they may think the secrets they guard behind hard eyes and closed expressions comes close to the ones I keep. But should they ever discover just who they've let into their home, just what I really am . . . their hatred could be the one thing that finally breaks me. And if I break, the darkness inside me will finally be free.

Contains mature themes.
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Krista S.

Great book, loved reading it and listening to it. Only downside of reading it first is you have voices in your head that don't always match up to the narrator, still enjoyable though.

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Jackie H.

I have read both books and while waiting for the next installment of the series, I have decided to listen to them and am in love with them all over again. The narrators have done a great job. Erica is a great writer.

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Jennifer Rzepka

amazing writing was totally captivated by the characters and trauma. There is a down side to this book and it's very slow. This can be a problem with serial books but literally nothing happens but relationship building and dealing with internal trauma. I would have liked it more if the external plot could have been more woven into this part of the series. It is also slow burn but in many ways that works for this group and I look forward to the next book.

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Tiffany S.

WONDERFUL. Simply amazing. Erica is a true talent, and this brought her book to even more life. Stunning and captivating

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