Written By: Dean Koontz

Narrated By: Holter Graham

Date: May 2006

Duration: 9 hours 30 minutes


With each and every new novel, Dean Koontz raises the stakes—and the pulse rate—higher than any other author. Now, in what may be his most suspenseful and heartfelt novel ever, he brings us the story of an ordinary man whose extraordinary commitment to his wife will take him on a harrowing journey of adventure, sacrifice, and redemption to the mystery of love itself—and to a showdown with the darkness that would destroy it forever.

What would you do for love? Would you die? Would you kill?

We have your wife. You can get her back for two million cash. Landscaper Mitchell Rafferty thinks it must be some kind of joke. He was in the middle of planting impatiens in the yard of one of his clients when his cell phone rang. Now he’s standing in a normal suburban neighborhood on a bright summer day, having a phone conversation out of his darkest nightmare.

Whoever is on the other end of the line is dead serious. He has Mitch’s wife and he’s named the price for her safe return. The caller doesn’t care that Mitch runs a small two-man landscaping operation and has no way of raising such a vast sum. He’s confident that Mitch will find a way.

If he loves his wife enough. . . Mitch does love her enough. He loves her more than life itself. He’s got seventy-two hours to prove it. He has to find the two million by then. But he’ll pay a lot more. He’ll pay anything.

From its tense opening to its shattering climax, The Husband is a thriller that will hold you in its relentless grip for every twist, every shock, every revelation…until it lets you go, unmistakably changed. This is a Dean Koontz novel, after all. And there’s no other experience quite like it.


  • Arthur Davis

    WOW! gr8 book. could not stop listening to this book, all I won't to do is sit in my car intell I got to the end.

  • shoiban

    Couldn't get past the first cd. So much filler description, and the narration was grating.

  • Lisa Roberts

    I enjoyed the book but the narration was quite grating on the nerves. It sounded like 'surfer talk", and at times sickeningly "syrup-y".

  • Anonymous

    The story was great, the person reading it took some getting used to..and even then got on my nerves sometimes. Loved the book.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! This book was exciting from beginning to end. Very enjoyable - I was sad when it was over. One of those books where you hated to get out of the car, and just wanted to sit and listen to what happened next.

  • Kerrymc1

    This was the best Koontz that I have read in some time. I was gripped right away! He got away from his super-natural tendencies, and this is just real-life action! I found myself cussing out loud and cheering on the good guys! I love this reader too. He does a lot of Nicholas Sparks' books.

  • Anonymous

    fast pace and holds the attention. not the typical subject matter of Dean Koontz, so a surprise. I enjoy all his books but this one goes to the top of my Koontz list.

  • Anonymous

    I did not find this story be intriguing... and did not care for the reader. Koontz could do better...

  • GregRedi

    A great Koontz novel. He never went where I expected him too. Kept me guessing the whole time as to what would happen next.

  • Anonymous

    I gave it 3 stars for intensity, but the ending was predicatable. I fell asleep on the narrator a lot too.

  • Mitchell Marsh

    Im glad this was found entertaining to readers of all ages. I give it 3 stars for intensity.

  • eportuguesa

    Amazing love story with unexpexted twists. Could have used a better narrator tho.

  • Cindy

    This was a very good book! Unlike some of the other reviews listed here, I didn't mind the narrator at all. I thought he did a good job. The book is fast paced and a very enjoyable listen. Give it a try.

  • Anonymous

    This may actually be a great story, but the narrator is absolutely horrible. I considered jumping out of my car at a high speed after enduring the first CD. Fortunately good sense prevailed and i sent the book back immediately. I'll have to pickup the paperback on this one.

  • Anonymous

    I really liked the book, but the reader was so syrupy sing-song voiced that I couldn't stand listening to it. It was all I could do to get through this audiobook.

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed this book. Not the typical Koontz novel full of super natural weirdness. But a good story!

  • Anonymous

    This one just wasn't for me. It just wasn't my kind of book. I didn't finish it...couldn't get into it at all. Really hard to listen to. Maybe it was too much of a thriller for me.

  • Anonymous

    Very good book -- kept my interest from page 1. Unfortunately another reviewer spoiled it for me -- Lea -- please don't give away the ending on any other books. Once you said it "had a happy ending," it totally spoiled it for me.

  • Anonymous

    Even though ending was predictable, this was a great story with several unexpected twists. Riveting until the end. Narrator was excellent.

  • Lea Cidro

    I liked it a lot, but always knew at the back of my mind that it was going to be a happy ending! Not saying that is bad, but it was kind of predictable. I liked the narrator a lot. He's good with his craft.

  • Lois Pruitt


  • N Offman

    This was the very best of Dean Koontz!I listen to countless thrillers by many different authors; and without a doubt, this was the only book that kept the intrigue going thru out the whole book. Never a dull moment. A few twists that kept you rivoted to the action . The narrator was superb.If you love thrillers, this one is a must read in an unabridged form! I promise, you won't be disapointed!

  • Gina Miller

    This book will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time...Twists and turns are endless....You will enjoy this one. I found myself sometimes yelling at the stereo in my car during the really intense parts...

  • Anonymous

    I loved this book, it kept me hooked from start to fininsh.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was great! I love the twist the writer puts into his books! It kept me on edge until the end!

  • Anonymous

    This is a great mystery book. The narrator added to the pleasure of listening to this thriller.

  • Anonymous

    Another great Dean Koontz book. This one totally hooked me! I usually limit my audio book time to my commute, but I found myself listening to this one at home in the evening. The characters were well developed and believable. The narrator was excellent.

  • Casey Freeland

    I've never read a D.K. I didn't love, and The Husband not only delivers, but I believe he has raised his own bar. I found myself making excuses to take longer routes to work or extra trips to the store, all to catch the next few words or get to the next CD. And I'm not normally thrown by story twists, but this one tossed me in the lake. Great read. I'd listen again in a second.

  • Betty Ewell

    Excellent book. Recommended reading. Very suspenseful. If you like Dean Koontz, you will enjoy reading this book.

  • Gen

    I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it. It showed true love and bravery and just how far someone is willing to go when tested. I was surprised that it was possible coming from someone with such weird, so-called parents.. All the characters were 'interesting'. There were lots of surprises. I had a good time listening.

  • Julia Pipeling

    This book was great. Dean Koontz comes through again. Keeps you guessing right until the end.

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed the book, but it didn't have the Koontz style that I enjoy

  • Anonymous

    Clearly not one of Dean’s best novels. I was very disappointed with the (yawn) mundane and predictable storyline. Way too much unimportant long-winded dialog. I missed the intense excitement of his earlier novels.

  • Connie

    The reader seemed dull at the beginning but the book was good enough to keep our interest. I feel the ending could have been better. Too much left out. Still a great book.

  • Anonymous

    Another great book by Dean Koontz. I think all women would like to have a husband like Mitch. Someone who would do anything to save his wife. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a thriller that keeps you on the edge with all kinds of twists and turns until the end.

  • Tammy Henson

    Koontz doesn't disappoint often and he certainly didn't with this novel. I couldn't wait to get back in the car and continue the story. It had a great twist at the end.

  • Michael Scott

    Overall, a great story, that kept me riveted. Some of his stories have been cheesy as of late, but this one was not. It was nice to read a story of his that didn't have any supernatural overtones again (most do). Not that there is anything wrong with that, but a nice change. The ending was somewhat abrubt, but that did not effect my opinion of the story. Overall, one of his better novels.

  • Katie Hayse

    I just finished listening to The Husband by Dean Koontz. I started it with some trepidation as I had listened to Dragon Tears by the same author and found it very weird. However, The Husband is exciting with many twists and turns that I did not expect and I enjoyed it very much. I would recommend it to anyone.

  • Anonymous

    Good story - interesting and well-narrated. At times, though, Koontz's flowery language seemed out of place in a thriller. Nevertheless, it's well worth your time.

  • Rita O'Malley

    I really liked it. The story kept me rooting for Mitch.

  • Vivian

    very good story--kept me interested from start to finish, with the usual Dean Koontz suspense and drama.

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed reading this book by Koontz. It kept me listening. The husband in this story had great determination and courage. The wife was remarkable under pressure. It was a great "read".

  • Terri Cramer

    Really enjoyed, can't wait to get the remaining CD's

  • Myrna Bermundo

    This is a story about loving someone that it hurts when something goes wrong. Mitch loves his wife so much that he was able to outwit his opponents - even his evil brother who got Mitch into this mess. An amazing audio book. I recomment that everyone should listen to this audio book.

  • M.Lucero

    This was the first book on tape I've listened to. It took some getting use to but I really enjoyed the narrator. He kept me involved. I am a BIG fan of Dean Koontz and enjoyed this book very much!

  • Tracey H

    This is an ok story about a kidnapping, but I was disappointed when I realized there would be none of the normal supernatural "weirdness" Koontz fan love about his books. There are probably better crime stories out there if that is what you are looking for.

  • Marrietta Kay McKay

    Another Dean Koontz good read. He hasn't let me down yet, this was good driving entertainment!

  • Anonymous

    I love Dean Koontz's books. They are suspenseful, yet not graphic or full of foul language. This book was a little slow in places, but yet was good to listen to.

  • Christine B

    Riveting book. Finished it in 2 days. Better than any television show. Start to finish action. Not the typical supernatural theme from Dean Koontz but a real nail biting thriller. Mr. Koontz doesn't let his readers down.


by Dean Koontz

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Husband, Dean Koontz
Husband, Dean Koontz
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Husband, Dean Koontz
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Husband, Dean Koontz
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