Hyperspace Radio: Collected Short Stories of James Beach

Hyperspace Radio: Collected Short Stories of James Beach

Written by:
James Beach
Narrated by:
Jay Myers
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
8 hours 55 minutes
Tune In, Turn On, Space OutA collection of stories in many dimensions.A young boy comes to terms with his father's undead lifestyle. A caveman faces failure at the world's first art show. A thief runs afoul of a pusher who sells death. God goes to therapy and receives a diagnosis. A tech entrepreneur creates an Internet startup based on a genie's lamp. An office worker meets a demon couple who prefer their world to his.

These tales and more brought to you from dimensions both strange and familiar, at the speed of imagination.

'You never know where the next story will take you, as you start a new adventure...This book is a unique jewel that is waiting to be discovered.'

~ Midwest Book Review

'In short: I really enjoyed this book!In long: I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book.'

~ Trepan the Universe

'An entertaining overview of realities I look forward to destroying.'

The Evil Reverend Dr. Cosmotron, DD, DDS, Esq.
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