I Am Going

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Christian Audio

Date: October 2016

Duration: 3 hours 16 minutes


Are You Going?

The lives of many believers rarely escape the tight orbits that circle around their own schedules, their own interests. The familiar gravity of familiar places. But the trajectory of our faith should be one that's continually cycling outward, fueled by a mission and message that God first brought within reach of us . . . so that we can now join with Him in taking it within reach of others.

Authors Daniel L. Akin and Bruce Riley Ashford are calling today's church members to lives of going-whether going around the world or to people right where they live-going out with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Between the two of them, Akin and Ashford have trained thousands of men and women in both the mandates and methods for going to every nation. Now they have created a resource for individuals and churches to use together in calling even more to go.
Readers will:

Learn the mission of God

Understand the centrality of the church to going on mission with God

Be challenged to go to the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ

Be challenged to go to their own neighborhoods with the gospel of Jesus Christ

Learn to use their jobs as vehicles for the gospel

Be challenged to commit to go anywhere on mission with God